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AU Energy | Wind
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Wind Powered Turbines


Changing wind power into electricity is the reason for wind turbines. A regular wind turbine is a large tower that has blades connected to a rotor. Whenever the wind blows the turbine the blades make the rotor spin and the movement of the rotor forces the generator within the turbine generate power. The generator is [...]

A Renewable Energy Resource


With the cost of fuel nowadays, there is much talk about alternative energy。 One such alternative energy source is wind power, the promise of which when harnessed in bulk, as on wind farms, is being looked into。 Wind has the advantage of being a really clean and limitless source of energy。 Solar energy is the [。。。]

大发体育Wind Farm Efficiency


Wind power is an incredibly clean renewable power source。 To capture the energy in wind, wind farms are used。 So, how about wind farm efficiency? Wind Farm Efficiency Wind power is the process by which wind is used to generate power or electricity。 The power of the wind is actually a form of solar power [。。。]

History of Wind Mills


How the wind is generated? The unequal heating of land and water by sun is the main cause of wind generation on the earth’s surface. The global installed capacity of wind farm is 6000MW and about 10.6 billion units of electricity were generated in 1996, thus reducing CO2 emission by 10.5 million tones. Wind energy [...]

How Do Wind Turbines Work


Wind turbines are starting to become one of the best prospects for sources of clans and renewable energy. The principle is all really very simple; wind turbines harness the kinetic energy of the wind and turn it into electrical energy. Many civilizations from various areas of the globe, even dating back to as far as [...]

Defining Wind Generated Electrical Power


Introduction Wind generated electrical power exists through harnessing wind-power energy with turbines. To fully understand wind generated electrical power, one must understand how wind powered electricity is made; resources needed to utilize wind power; types and sizes of wind turbines; building a wind turbine; potential positive and negative impacts of the technology; where wind powered [...]



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